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Permissions and Privacy

Your privacy is important, Feyre uses as few permissions as possible.


Feyre requires 4 permissions to work properly. Here is how each permission is used:

Send Messages

Allows Feyre to send messages in the chat

Manage Messages

Allows Feyre to delete messages that it knows about. This means it can delete messages that it has sent in the past. This is used by the initiative tracker

Add Reactions

Allows Feyre to add reactions to messages. This is used for the old initiative tracker

Use Application Commands

Allows Feyre to respond to slash commands


Feyre collects the following metrics:

  • Number of times each command is used
  • Number of unique users
  • Number of servers it is in

If you use /character the following data is saved:

  • Your unique discord id. This is a 18 digit number that identifies your account
  • The names of your characters and their initiative values

And thats it!