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Developer Updates

Have any questions? Reach out on the Feyre discord channel!

4/02/2023 - Bug Fixes and Discord Js Update

Updated discord js to v14 which uses Discord's new v10 API. Fixed a bug where /character add "Name" would fail without an error message.

8/25/2022 - Preparing for the final move to slash commands

Slash commands will be required starting on August 31st! The slash command version of the bot is finally "complete". It now has better logging and metrics which will help me diagnose any issues.

4/21/22 - Message Content deadline moved to August 31st 2022

Good news! Message Content was delayed until August 31st, Discord was probably nervous about losing hundreds of un-updated bots.

Even though deadline was moved back, I will continue the work to depreciate the old version of Feyre and migrate to slash commands over the next month.

4/16/22 - The Great Rewrite & Slash Commands

On 4/30/2022 Discord will be requiring all Verified bots to apply for the Message Content intent in order to read the content of messages. You can read more about this change here

To summarize, most bots (including Feyre) rely on reading Message Content in order parse commands. For example, to parse a command like !roll, Feyre will look at all messages starting with an !, then if that ! is followed by roll, it will treat the message as a roll command. Even though Feyre has been a verified bot for almost 3 years, it does not meet the strict requirements for the Message Content intent. This means that Feyre has no choice but to move to Slash Commands.

What does this mean for Feyre?

All commands will use Slash commands going forward. This will definently take some getting used to!

Check how to use the new commands here

Why were so many commands removed?

In order to support Slash commands, and build a more reliable bot, I re-wrote Feyre completetly from scratch with reliability, performance, and observability in mind. This was a major effort and I focussed on creating a framework that would be easy to build upon.

Feyre's usage statistics show that two commands make up over 96% of commands used. I chose to focus on improving the top 2 used commands (rolls and initiative tracking) first. Other commands such as monster-manual and spellbook will be added back at a later date.

Command % of total uses
roll 93
init 5.6
help .7%
spell .3%
deck of many .2%
everything else .2%